The Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods and goddesses who have their own individual symbolisms and meanings. When it comes to Egyptian god tattoos the question is do you want to know if you should tattoo a god on yourself to display what they symbolise or would you like to incorporate one of these gods into a Egyptian tattoo design?

Most artists combine gods and symbols to suit the message that you are going for but what I have done is put some of the common gods names below with their description and meaning.

Amun - Known as the king of the gods .

Anubis - The god of the dead; he was the one who would watch over the embalming process (priests would where a mask representing a Jackal head).

Aten - A form of the sun god Ra.

Geb - The god of the earth, ancient Egyptians believed earthquakes where Geb’s laughter.

Hapy - The god who brought the flood every year to Egypt. As you can imagine this was of vast importance.

Hathor - The goddess of joy and love

Horus - Known as the protector of Egypt and the god of the sky.