Egyptian symbol tattoos are very common and look great on any part of the body. Commonly the symbols are mixed with hieroglyphs or god images to portray either a certain meaning or an attractive look.


Here are some common Egyptian Symbols and their meanings


 Ankh (crux ansata) - This was also known as the key of life (or the Nile) and was the symbol for eternal life.



Shenu (cartouche) - This is a symbol of eternity or an infinite cycle. The oval line protects the name of royalty or sacred figures.


Flail and crook - A symbol of Royalty, majesty and dominon. This would be found on Kings and gods.



Djed - Known as the backbone of the god Osiris this symbol represents stability.




Feather of Maat - Represents truth, justice, morality and balance.



Shen - A loop of rope that has no beginning and no end, a sign of eternity.



Edjat - Healing and protection.



Sa - Symbol of protection.





Sekhem - Symbol of authority.




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