Hi Paul here talking about Egyptian tattoos but more importantly quality tattoo downloads and if you are looking for the best place to find your tattoo downloads then I strongly suggest you keep reading. This is my uncensored story of how I found my dream tattoo downloads, the ups, the downs and how I finally found the tattoo designs of my dreams.

So it was little while back now when I was looking to get my first tattoo with my best friend, we had made a pack to get tattoos together before we hit the age of 30. We started searching tattoo artist shops, friends and looking online for unique and original tattoo designs.

It was pretty hopeless because we wanted something to do with Egyptian culture and also something really creative, nothing could help us and most of the online tattoo websites where just rubbish, I was at the point of just picking something out of a book and hoping for the best.

Finally I stumbled onto a website that has the biggest tattoo design library in the world and takes you by the hand and shows you the best process to follow to get your dream tattoo.

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Wow they had over 25,000 designs, videos support and something that I really really like a tattoo learning vault. This is brilliant because it gives you everything you need from start to finish to help you pick the right design for you, where on your body to put it, choosing your tattoo artist and post tattoo treatment. The only thing that is a little annoying is that everything is online with no phone support (they only have email) but besides that, dam awesome place.

I hope you found this information useful and click here to check it out.


Welcome to the Egyptian tattoos website

Egyptian Tattoos are becoming more and more popular but there is no decent online resource that gives you a selection of Egyptian tattoo designs with actual meanings behind them. 

Well now you have that resource right here!

What can you find here at Egyptian Tattoos?

Feel free to browse the website and look at: 

The Egyptian tatto designs page, to see Egyptian Tattoo variations and Egyptian tattoos worn today. 

You can also find common Egyptian symbols with meanings.

Links to the best Egyptian tattoo downloads.

And much more!



The 1st Egyptian Tattoo!

The earliest proof of tattoos in ancient Egypt were found on a female body that lived between 2160 BC and 1994 BC. The mummy had several lines and dots on her body which where for ritualistic purposes.

The Egyptians are responsible for spreading the body art form of tattoos to Crete, Greece, Persia and Arabia; by 2,000 BC the art of tattooing had stretched out all the way to Southeast Asia.


The 1st Egyptian Picture Tattoo

The earliest known picture tattoo was of the god Bes who is the god of revelry and served as the patron god of dancing girls and musicians. These tattoos have been found on mummies dating to 400BC, and looking at paintings were located on the thighs of muscians and dancers.


Popular Egyptian Tattoos 

There are certain popular egyptian tattoo designs that incorporate hieroglyphics, symbols, images of gods and very well known images such as pyramids, Anubis, the ankh and the Eye of Horus. This is what you will see on most people wearing Egyptian tattoos but the variations and designs are really amazing. Some people like to go for a message but others just try and be as creative as possible, either way they look great.

Who am I?

Hi Paul here, and I am your typical bloke who wanted to get an amazing tattoo (Egyptian designs are hard to find) with no clue where to start.

Luckily for me I found the best place to get my dream tattoo and I though I would help some other people who might have the same problem I did.

Thanks goodness for Miami Ink is all I can say.